The Immaculate Conception Church at Unanderra was opened in 1954,
solemnly dedicated in 1992, and became the diocesan shrine
to the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1993.

Fr Duane Fernandez is the Parish Priest.

Unanderra Parish is now on social media:
Connect with us on Facebook and YouTube for up-to-date information and weekly Mass live streams.


Up to 192 worshippers are now able to attend public masses, however anyone wishing to attend must register with the parish office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Prayer of the Parish of Unanderra

In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord,
with the heavenly protection of Mary,
conceived without sin, may my life this day
be guided away from all that would harm me,
may the community of faith that I belong to continue to grow,
may we all, young and old,
remain close to the Saviour every day.
I offer myself, all my actions, words and hopes,
to the glory of God, and to the service of others.
May I hear the word of the Lord with joy
and may I be generous in responding to the will of God.